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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

Spotify Unbanned

School Miami Ad School / New York

Client Spotify


Brief: Spotify

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When we heard Spotify was launching audiobooks, we quickly decided to focus on the recent uptick in book bans and how Spotify could join the fight against media and educational censorship in a real and significant way. Enter: Spotify Unbanned.

Our approach is simple -- schools and local libraries can ban books, but they can't ban Spotify. So we'll use social and OOH advertising as a practical way to get banned audiobooks streaming in as many ears as possible. These books aren't being banned because they're vulgar, they're being banned because they explore topics like racism, sexual/gender identity, and mental health -- topics many of us have experienced in real life, but that can threaten established narratives and worldviews nonetheless.

Literature is sacred and an essential resource when growing up and learning to navigate the world. Our goal is to put these books back in the hands of young adults everywhere as a way to empower and encourage self discovery, asking questions, and empathy. With a giant like Spotify working to counteract book banning efforts, we can take the power away from censorship and instead put it on each and every one of our mobile devices.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 15

Student Gold Pencil


Art Director

Lizzy Soliman


Will Engebretson

College / University

Miami Ad School / New York
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