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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

WARZONE: Petitions

School Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm

Client Activision Blizzard / Call of Duty


Brief: Activision Blizzard / Call of Duty

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Gaming is often seen as a way to disconnect from the outside world, and gamers are often seen as procrastinators. However, CoD is a huge digital arena with millions of people interacting. And we refuse to believe gaming can’t be more attached to reality. We just need to enable it. We think the spray feature is the way to do it.

We decided to make some small changes in the spray feature that could make a big impact. We added the gaming tag to the spray feature as a stencil that can be put on walls as a signature. Then we invited organizations to name the walls after current petitions.

That ended us up with Warzone Petitions. A way to put your name behind important causes, while playing. It also enables people that for different reasons aren’t able to express their opinions about certain topics to do so, as they are protected by the CoD platform.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 1

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Fabian Luthander

College / University

Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm
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