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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

Score Your Book

School Forsbergs Skola / Stockholm

Client Spotify


Brief: Spotify

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People use stories to escape reality.

By immersing ourselves in books, movies, and music,
we can flee to a different world free of our own problems.
So we spend money at the cinema, on expensive home entertainment
systems and multiple streaming subscriptions.

The problem is that we can't take it outside and maintain the same quality level as it has at home.

Take audiobooks, for example; they are at their current
state of form, adequate, but can for some feel lacking.
Especially for Generation Z being the most oversaturated
generation yet when it comes to being fed content.

Audiobooks have potential but haven't quite reached it – yet.
So we took a closer look at one of our most immersive mediums, movies.
What makes them stand out, and how can we apply that to audiobooks?
Sure, the cinematics are great but can't be incorporated into a sonic medium.

But what about the music?
Can we use what Spotify is most known for, music,
to create a new level of immersion for audiobooks?
Our idea; we give audiobooks a score.

As a user, you can either play the book as it is or play it with music.
The choice is yours; just press play and let the story come to life.
By integrating queue points in the audio file, Spotify Audiobooks
trigger an appropriate part of the score to match the story's mood.
So when listening to an exciting part of the book, you get an exciting song.

For the books that already have scores from their respective
movie adaptations, you can choose to play from that.
And for the ones that don't - you can choose from the
pre-crafted genre-specific scores, for example, the “retro sci-fi” or the “futuristic sci-fi”.

Thanks for your consideration,
Jakob, Emanuel, Max, Måns

2022 Awards

Total Points: 1

Student Merit


Art Director

Emanuel Jorild


Måns Rydh

College / University

Forsbergs Skola / Stockholm
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