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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

Tailored Tales

School Syracuse University The Newhouse School / Syracuse

Client Spotify


Brief: Spotify

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While a majority of Gen Z’ers choose Spotify, they continue to perceive our platform as a strictly music streaming platform. This led us to the insight that Gen Z’ers are more likely to listen to audiobooks while they complete their daily tasks. The big idea that we focused on is to have Spotify promote audiobooks in Gen Z hotspots to help find them an audiobook to listen to that fits perfectly into their busy days. We will do this by placing a digital board in Gen Z hotspots, such as bus stops, campus gym, and student center. Gen Z will be able to enter their arrival stops, and the system will calculate how long it will take them to commute and recommend audio books for that time.

2022 Awards

Total Points: 1

Student Merit


Art Director

Victoria Lin


Hannah Nolan

College / University

Syracuse University The Newhouse School / Syracuse
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