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2022 Young Ones - Young Ones Portfolio

Gustav Gabrils

School Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm


Portfolio / Advertising

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My name is Gustav Gabrils, I am 24 years old and a lot of people misstake my name for Gabriel. I (Gustav) am a former roadie, bartender, acclaimed caption author, kindergarten employee, fishmonger, summer camp director, ice hockey coach, and one hit wonder songwriter. Right now studying copywriting at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden. I try my best to create stuff that evokes emotion. If it's done best through humor, innovation, or heartfelt storytelling - I'm not sure. But you can find out yourself by looking trough some of my cases.


Spotify Booktracks


Non-Fungible Memories

The Alzheimers Association

Book smart logos


Hidden hurt

Save the children

B@ng $ Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen

Immersive stories


2022 Awards

Total Points: 10

Student Portfolio Winner



Gustav Gabrils

College / University

Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm
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