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Hailey Skinner

School Brigham Young University / Provo


Portfolio / Advertising

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It's my party and I'll write if I want to!
And I've written lots, both within the Ad lab and outside of it. It has been a party! As a copywriter I specialize in tag-lines, manifestos, and early 2000's trivia... although only 2 of those specialties are actually relevant to copywriting. During my 5 years (!!) at BYU, I've enjoyed experimenting with all sorts of writing, working out creative strategies with all sorts of teams, and making all sorts of stuff. Upon graduating in April I've accepted a jr. copywriter role at Media Arts Lab, which I am very excited for despite the fact that it's not in NYC. Read my stuff! Like it or don't! (But I hope you do because I'm a people pleaser.)




Apple Transactions

Apple Card

Powering Life

General Electric

Reclaim the West


Danza di Pasta

La Molisana

We've All Been There


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Total Points: 10

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Hailey Skinner

College / University

Brigham Young University / Provo

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Jeff Sheets
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