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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC

item Magazin

School HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences / Berlin


Publication Design / Magazines / Newspapers

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item (Independent platform for the Transfer of Educational impulses via a student Magazine) was founded in 2019 as part of Sally Paschmann's bachelor thesis. This year marks the fourth time the magazine has been developed, imagined, and continued by our student team under her direction.

Our new issue will feature the theme strip. Strip breaks barriers, questions privilege, does a striptease, shows emotion, and breaks away from the comfort of ignorance through nuanced content and education about sex work, sex positivity, and social norms. This includes topics like body positivity, diversity, beauty ideals, as well as critically questioning them. When is it "real" and when is it marketing strategy? Is nudity still possible without sexualization? Can these aspects be toxically overloaded or are they already? To what extent are love, sex, diversity and inclusion part of capitalism in the heteronormative, patriarchal structures we live in? Is love for sale or is noncommittal sex the new ideal? To what extent are people whose bodies do not conform to the norm included in fantasies and behaviors of the majority? What do culture, home and freedom mean when they are taken away from people? Why, even in 2022, are feelings still interpreted as an obstacle and femininity as weakness? What exactly can be seen where transparency is suddenly offered and taboos are broken as well as questioned?

For us as a magazine, it is important to create an environment in which our diverse readership feels comfortable. The magazine is intended to encourage both students and teachers of the Department of Design and Culture at HTW Berlin, as well as interested external parties, to consider and question their work in a socially relevant context. item promotes intersectoral exchange with the thematic section of the magazine and provides exciting insights into diverse narrative perspectives and viewpoints.

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HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences
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