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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC


School LASALLE College of the Arts / Singapore


Interactive / Innovation

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Death may have touched us at some point in our lives. It's a universal experience, yet grieving over someone we love is different for everyone and it's never an easy process to go through.

Grief is a challenging and emotional journey that one has to go through due to the inevitable nature of death. During the early stage of grief, the bereaved often become more attached to an object or space to replace the existence of their loved ones. There's a continuation bond between the bereaved and the deceased that does not end when a person passes away.

Design often positions itself to understand people's needs and desires. Yet, the topic of death is often avoided as it is considered taboo despite still being a part of life. Thus, how might design have a potential role in helping the bereaved? forget-me-not aims to provide support for future grief by providing a digital platform that encourages people to collect significant digital artefacts they want to pass on to their loved ones once they pass away.

There's no timeline or guidelines for grief. The diversity of grieving experiences leads the project not to create a solution but rather to walk alongside the bereaved during this challenging time.

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Annabel Siagian

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Lasalle College of the Arts / Singapore
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