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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC

ANVERTIYA: the City of Light

School National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Taipei


Spatial Design / Buildings / Structures

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ANVERTIYA, the City of Light, is designed to be an autonomous and greening small community in a desert area. It also expands to more distant regions of the desert. It will be able to resettle thousands of desert dwellers and provide opportunities for environmental restoration work in the area, effectively using large areas of the country. The goal is to restore a large area of barren land that has been desertified.
From above, ANVERTIYA's design starts with a central tower at the city's core setting on a concentric circle plan design and spreads out to every Unit around the city, creating a compact and efficient urban landscape.

ANVERTIYA uses a new technology, "Hydropanel" which can generate electricity and collect water from the sun and air, setting on the central tower, and the water-collecting drones. The tower can collect water nearby, and the drones can fly further away and automatically collect water from distant sources during the day. The new techs help the desert city with sufficient water resources and distribute water and electricity to every household and agricultural use around the city.

ANVERTIYA also processes recycled grey water, kitchen waste, and human or animal feces in the tower's center to create nutrient-rich soil for the city's nursery farms.
The nursery farms initially cultivate various drought-resistant plants and maintain genetic and species diversity. Working with residents, they can plant early greening deployments within the city and a greening defense layer around the city to gradually restore the water and soil balance and soil fertility in the surrounding area. In the mid to late stages, the farms will expand to green areas beyond ANVERTIYA and increase agricultural and optimized livestock applications.

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Total Points: 1

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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / TAIPEI
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