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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones ADC

The Serpentine Belt

School National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / Taipei


Spatial Design / Landscape Design

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Between 1901 and 2018, the globally averaged sea level rose by 15–25 cm. This acceleration is due mostly to climate change, which heats the ocean and melts the land-based ice sheets and glaciers. Climate scientists expect the rate to further accelerate during the 21st century, with the latest measurements saying the sea levels are rising by 3.7 mm per year. As the sea level rises, natural disasters such as typhoons and torrential rain often bring serious impact to a city — ripping out trees, destroying buildings, flooding cities, and burying villages under mudslides causing untold losses. There are two aims in our design. First of all, we apply the u-shape embankment design to increase the defense ability in extreme weather conditions such as typhoons or torrential rain. Secondly, we also try to replan the existing site configuration. Our landscape design connects and integrates the existing green guilts of the waterfront park, which were originally scattered on the riverbank. With logical replanning, the functions and characteristics of the space become more systematic and coherent. Tourists and citizens can have a better experience as they visit this splendid park.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 7

Student Silver Cube


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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology / TAIPEI
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