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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

Cow Tears

School Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm

Client PETA


Brief: PETA / Integrated

Annual ID



The year is 2023 and grocery stores are still full of countless parts of animal corpses. And somehow, eating as many of them as possible is described as sustainable, sometimes even honorable.

To battle this worldview, we decided to embrace it.

With cartons of fake Cow Tears we ”honor” and ”make use” of the tears cows often shed out of fear before slaughter. We simply turn this macabre fact into a tangible product, promoting it just like the meat industry would have done.

All by all, obstructing the worldview where eating an animal can be seen as honorable.
Using the fact that cows cry, as a crucial punch in the fight against speciesism.

2023 Awards

Total Points: 3

Student Bronze Pencil


Art Director

Tobias Frelén


Linus Bolander

College / University

Berghs School of Communication / Stockholm
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