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2023 Young Ones - Young Ones One Show

Your Cruelty Footprint

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Client PETA


Brief: PETA / Experiential

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You don’t have to bet on dog fights or keep an alligator hostage in your basement to be guilty of animal cruelty. Everyday choices like what shampoo you use and how you clean your counters can harm animals. Animals are the victims of humans’ willful ignorance and unchecked superiority complex. So we created a test to make people confront their cruelty.

Your Cruelty Footprint is an online quiz that analyzes the user’s daily choices to calculate their cruelty score.

Once users learn their score, they will be directed to ways they can lower it— a Chrome extension to flag bad choices and an Amazon storefront to curate good ones.

And to get the word out, we created a sticker that PETA supporters can use to call out cruel products on shelves near them. Plus, a print ad campaign that shines the light on retailers that continue to stock products that harm animals.

Find out Your Cruelty Footprint, and then get it in check.

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