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The Young Ones competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions. It has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

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Sarah Oh

School ArtCenter College of Design / Pasadena



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Since kindergarten, my parents had known they were raising an eccentric child. When my teacher asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”, I confidently yelled out “fish”, earnestly believing that if I had put my mind to it, I, a five year old Korean-American girl, could transform into the swimming vertebrate known as the fish. Growing up, I still found myself navigating the world through abnormal circumstances—sneaking a peacock into the house, raising and becoming a midwife for a praying mantis. Through each scenario, I fearlessly plunge in to observe, absorb, and endure to revel in the outcome—all of which describe my design process today. With the belief that nothing is out of reach, my eager curiosity and passion for the “what ifs” dive me head first into the unknown with confidence to broaden my horizons as both an illustrator and motion designer.


Soundtrack Your Life


Ovid Brand Identity


Demo Reel

2023 Awards

Total Points: 10

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Sarah Oh

Motion Designer

Sarah Oh

College / University

ArtCenter College of Design / Pasadena
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