Young Ones Student Awards

The Young Ones competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions. It has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

Young Ones 2017 Brief - Educators Jury

Ross Chowles

Professor / Department Chair

Michigan State

East Lansing

Ross went to the Johannesburg high school for art, ballet and music. His artistic skills landed him a job as a junior Art Director in advertising way back in 1980.

During the next 36 years, he spent his time creating advertising (and helping others create) that had an impact on consumers.

In 1994, he co-founded The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, Africa’s most awarded independent agency.

Over the years, The Jupiter Drawing Room has won awards in all the major award shows. Ross has had the privilege of judging all over the globe, from Canada to South Korea, including judging The One Show twice.

In 2015, Ross was appointed to the international board of the One Club.

The real skill that Ross picked up in advertising is the ability to understand people and how to motivate them. This manifested in Ross teaching, be it his staff or students. Ross has participated every year in One Show’s China workshop since 2003.

Ross now is a professor of practice in Michigan State University’s advertising and Public Relations department.




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