2018 Young Ones Portfolio Jury

Kristin Martin


Creative Circus


Back in 1998, I started at The Creative Circus in its original location, loved the people who started The Circus. It was Rob Lawton, Benita Van Winkle, Norm Grey and Carol Vick that got me excited to start, not the broken folding chairs and tables. Graduated as an Art Director in 2000. While attending The Circus, my first internship was at Match Inc., made a few ads (and some sandwiches and cocktails). After graduating, I was hired on full time as an Art Director and Assistant to the Executive Creative Director and learned a lot more than expected. Then the economy crashed, and I learned to freelance. A lot. Since then, I has two lovely girls and two English Bulldogs with faces 'only a mother could love' named Beans and Marmite. At the Circus she has been working as a teacher, the Director of Education, and now the Director of Career Services and has enjoyed it all.




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