2018 Young Ones Brief Jury

Deborah Morrison

Professor and Director of Advertising

University of Oregon


Deb Morrison teaches creativity and content, and believes strong university programs should uphold the promise of developing a wide range of diverse talent for the idea industry. In a successful career doing that at University of Texas and now at University of Oregon, she helped jumpstart the careers of thousands of creative thinkers and doers. Morrison is a two-time winner of the Oregon Marshall Award for Innovative Teaching, named a Grandmaster of The Art Directors Club in New York, named the 2015 AEJMC national distinguished teacher award winner, and served on the board of The One Club for Creativity for two terms. She's delivered talks to SXSW, HOW Design Conference, TEDx UOregon, Google, and 72U.

Morrison believes brave and generous thinking drives the creative economy and saves the world, and uses this idea as guiding concept for developing talent. Current projects include Science & Memory, telling stories about complex issues of climate change, and, with UO faculty colleagues, developing the Oregon Masters in Brand Responsibility, beginning Fall 2018. Her third book will be published in the fall with Palgrave Macmillan: Brave Work in the Age of Climate Change: A Creative's Guide to Crafting Advertising and Brand Messages in Complicated Times.




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