2018 Young Ones Brief Jury

Zach Canfield

Associate Partner, Director of Talent

Goodby Silverstein & Partners

San Francisco

Zach Canfield grew up with four parents who practice psychology. After years of psychoanalysis at the hands (brains?) of his parents, he did the unthinkable and moved to San Francisco, where he lived in a co-op with a bunch of hippies. Now his four parents psychoanalyze each other, and he visits on Christmas.

Zach started at GSP before he could legally drink (not that that stopped him). He was originally hired as an administrative assistant but hacked his way—literally and figuratively—through GSP's many departments. Along the way, he met so many exceptional people that he decided to make a career of bringing in more.

In addition to GSP, Zach has also worked at Wieden+Kennedy as their Global Director of Creative Recruiting. And at Google as the Global Creative Recruiting Lead. Zach lives in Alamo Square with his Swedish wife. She would like him to mention that they have the best dog in the world. She would also like him to mention that she thinks it's creepy when he writes in the third person.




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