2019 Young Ones Brief Jury

Sherri Daye Scott

Strategist, Producer, Writer, Founder of EEM

Everybody Eats Media

Atlanta, GA

Writer and producer Sherri Daye Scott has done a bit of it all when it comes to content: produced award-winning shorts, including Brooklyn Reel Sisters Festival fan-favorite, Wanna- Be; co-founded Durham, NC’s Colored Pictures short-film festival; penned personal essays for the Washington Post and Women’s Health among other national pubs; and created AB+L Radio’s popular dating podcast You Can’t F*ck Me!. Her marketing resume includes clients such as AT&T, Coca-Cola, and Brinker International, while her production CV includes work on feature projects such as Black Knight and The Yaya Sisterhood, BlackHouse/Facebook SEEN panelist at Sundance 2019, a stint as a Full-Frame Documentary Film Festival judge and screenings at the Hollywood Black Film Festival.




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