Young Ones Student Awards

The Young Ones competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising, interactive and design student competitions. It has a tradition of excellence dating back to 1986.

2021 Young Ones Jury

Adam Horne

Creative Director

Berghs School of Communication


G'day, I'm Adam. A Creative Director from Australia. I'm driven by curiosity. And fear, money, and a love of expensive cheeses, but mainly I'm driven by curiosity...

I do it all because I'm curious about how people tick. I want to know how everything thing works. Why something's funnier in Finland that France. Why some people love sudoku while others share cat videos.

I'm Creative Director (Berghs Studio) at Berghs School of Communication. I built a career balancing professional practice and teaching in Australia, France, and Sweden.

In Australia that meant working at Wunderman, CHE Proximity, and Havas, while teaching at Swinburne and Monash universities. In Paris, I worked at McCann and taught at ISCOM. And in Stockholm, I work at Berghs, a school that's won AKQA Future Lions School of the Year Award seven times in the last decade At Berghs. I run commercial communication projects with students and teach, podcast, blog, and help develop new products.

My real job is to help people find their voice. To use their strengths by tuning their past into a secret weapon for a future inside the communication industry. So I help people win awards more than winning them for myself. That's more rewarding to me.

I'm fascinated by how modern tools, platforms and technologies influence the relationship between people, places and products. It's incredible to see all of this stuff being redefined every day.

When I'm not working, I enjoy cross-country shopping, deep-sea reading, downhill mountain painting, long-distance sculpture, and gravy training. Or I'm making Twitter bots and Alexa skills. When you're not working, you should check out or @adamhorne me




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