2017 Young Ones Portfolio

Scott James

Film / Television / Video


1. I have been to 21 different countries on 6 continents making video and photo content as I go.
2. I have two halloween costumes, Han Solo, and Indiana Jones. So basically.. just Harrison Ford.
3. There are some people who, on principle, buy only apple products—I am one of those people.
4. I own almost every Star Wars Lego set made from 1998 to 2007.
5. My wife is from Alaska, and no, she doesn't fish—but I have fished in Alaska, and it was great.
6. I really haven't missed a BYU football home game since 2003.
7. I speak fluent Portuguese and I'm pretty dang good at faking Spanish.
8. I am a Gold member of the Delta Sky Miles club.
9. My favorite activity is seeing a movie in the theater.
10. My least favorite thing ever is hearing people talk during movies.




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