How to Launch + Grow Your Advertising Career - For Black People Interested in Advertising, by Black People in Advertising


How to Launch + Grow Your Advertising Career - For Black People Interested in Advertising, by Black People in Advertising


Friday, September 18, 2020, 3:00-5:00 PM

About the Event

Ever looked at advertising agency photos and wondered - where are all the black people?

Our workshop is a free, virtual event on how Black people have successfully launched a career in advertising. The event focuses on Black individuals seeking to enter the advertising industry and companies in our community wanting to “open the pipeline” for Blacks to access advertising careers. 

Eight speakers will share their experience in the advertising industry and smaller breakout sessions will connect attendees with panel members for more intimate discussions. Tickets are free but spots are limited. RSVP on our event page to save your spot.

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Amelia Bowie, McGarrah Jessee, Director of Diversity and Culture

Bryson Williams, Lead Creative at The Permanent Legacy Foundation

Desiree Townsend, GSD&M, Senior Business Affairs Manager

Korey Goodwin, PREACHER, Copywriter,

Nathan James, PREACHER, Art Director/Designer

Jeremy Wood, McGarrah Jessee, Marketing Coordinator

Keni Thacker, 100 Roses From Concrete, Founder


Amelia Bowie

Amelia is a marketing professional specializing in developing multi-channel campaign strategies for niche markets in finance/insurance, travel, education, mobile ad-tech, real estate, and CPG verticals. Her strength and consistency in increasing client profitability, and generating new revenue streams has made her an invaluable asset to both client and agency. Most of all, Amelia has the heart of a mentor, and works tirelessly to bring people together for greater collaboration.

Korey Goodwin

I have a passion for trying new things, making terrible dad jokes without the prerequisite of children, and embarrassing my friends whenever possible. Writing lends itself well to all these.

Nathan James

After graduating from Texas State University’s design program, Nathan started his career at Austin agency, Drumroll. His interest in various art forms inspires a disruptive approach to his design and art direction. That work ranges from national brands such as Coca-Cola and Casper to smaller businesses. His passion is to use his marketing and creative abilities to help local Black-owned companies succeed. Inspired by dreamers and doers, Nathan tells their stories past, present, and ones not yet finished.

Keni thacker

There are five types of thinkers: creative thinkers, analytical thinkers, intuitive thinkers, logical thinkers, and visionary thinkers. Keni is a pioneer of change and is committed to expanding diversity efforts, and the impact he has made on future leaders does not go unnoticed. A true exemplar of leadership, Keni an award-winning influencer and diversity advocate devoted to outreach programs and mentorship. On February 8th, 2017, he launched the Young Commodores program at J. Walter Thompson (now Wunderman Thompson), a diversity initiative that provides college and high school advertising students with an opportunity to apply what they are learning in the classroom to real-life advertising and business. Also, in 2017, he was named as one of the 4A's 100 People That Make Advertising Great. NV Magazine featured him as one of their Champions of Inclusion while also receiving a citation from the City of New York/Borough of Brooklyn for a long record of diversity, inclusion, and mentoring efforts in advertising in 2019.

He is also the founder of 100 Roses From Concrete, a network for men of color in advertising, marketing media, and public relations. Through the Roses, he recently created the G.R.O.W.T.H. Initiative that is a virtual agency program for multicultural college students who may have lost their internships due to the coronavirus pandemic

Desiree Townsend

Desiree’s is the center of getting things done when it comes to production of advertising communication. Her responsibilities include management of union (SAG-AFTRA, AFM) talent contracts, ongoing communication with producers and account service regarding estimate revisions, management of communication legal counsel concerning trademark and copyright clearance.

Bryson Williams

My high energy and natural curiosity come with me in my day-to-day life. I've always loved learning trying new things; piano, DJing, boxing, film, history, popular culture, gaming. Constantly doing something new has always given me the ability to quickly pick things up and learn from others. Whenever I find myself in a creative bind, I always look to other avenues to find new influences, which keeps me growing. SPECIALTIES: Product Design, UX Design, UI Design, Visual Design, Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Design Research, Animation, Illustration, Graphic Design.

Jeremy Wood

Jeremy is a Marketing Coordinator based in Austin, Texas. He’s driven by strategy and uses his skill to help build client relationships and grow new business at McJ. He’s passionate about company culture and has helped to bring innovative diversity initiatives to the agency. One of his main goals in his career is to create a pipeline for diverse students to help them break into the industry at an equitable rate. Recently, Jeremy was selected as a 2020 ADCOLOR Futures and also serves as the VP of Diversity for Austin American Advertising Federation chapter.





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