Calling All Artists: 2019 Paper Fashion Show Design Team Registration Now Open


Calling All Artists: 2019 Paper Fashion Show Design Team Registration Now Open


Show Date: Friday April 12th, 2019

About the Event




"The amazing turnout, fabulous pieces and momentous party made for one of the best runway shows in Denver." Jon Jon & Co., Paper Fashion Show 2018

"All of the runway looks were just as creative and high fashion as any other garment we saw during Denver Fashion Week." 303 Magazine, Paper Fashion Show 2018


Paper Fashion Show Design Team Registration is FULL.

The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver is pleased to announce registration for our highly anticipated spring 2019 Paper Fashion ShowTM is now open— supporting cutting-edge, Colorado-made creative work, and our friends at DAVA.


The ONE Paper Fashion ShowTM shines light on Denver artists. Since 2005, over 500 paper fashions have been created and consequently viewed by thousands of curious, enthusiastic observers—there to celebrate this beloved art medium.

Registration opens Thursday, November 1, 2018 – Friday, February 1, 2019.

Stretch your already outstanding design chops. Show your skills under main stage lights. Contribute to a worthy cause. Enter to win the The ONE Club for Creativity – Denver’s spring 2019 Paper Fashion Show, today.

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Designers create fashions from paper donated by paper mills and coordinated by Spicers Paper. These fashions are showcased at our grand runway show and voted on by a panel of judges. Category winners will be recognized with individual recognition, followed by trophies also constructed of paper.

This all-volunteer organized and ran event, helps support not only our mission to elevate Denver art and design to the national level but also non-profit Downtown Aurora Visual Arts, a local community organization that provides after-school arts programs for at-risk youth. Combining art and technology, DAVA programs emphasize innovation, problem-solving, and connection to community. While arts education can connect to careers in the arts, at DAVA they do much more. Their unique approach results in students not only gaining skills in art, but also valuable education, job, and social skills in preparation for a wide range of life aspirations.

From the beginning, The Paper Fashion ShowTM has been a part of DAVA’s curriculum. Students ages 7 to 17 research ideas, learn to draw figures, think about design, colors and patterns to create their fashions. These students learn to problem solve and to work on a team while gaining leadership skills and real world experience by participating in a professional event. At the show, DAVA students work alongside professional designers and creators, see their fashions walk the runway and even participate as judges.

Since the Paper Fashion Show’s™ inception The One Club for Creativity – Denver has donated over $58,000 to DAVA.



Each team designs one (1) unique fashion to be presented on the runway. If your concept utilizes more than one model, you will need to sign up for additional teams. Designs may be for men or women and are not limited to dresses. An open call for models will take place in 2019, more info will follow when the date is determined. Each design team will be invited to this event but will be able to use their own model if desired. There is no cost to the design teams for using our professional models. It is however, HIGHLY recommended to use a professional model, as the fashions are typically presented on the runway in a more professional manner to the judges and in photographs. Complimentary hair and makeup services for models are also provided on the day of the event.



  1. All fashions must be made of PAPER. Paper is provided by Spicers Paper and the paper mills they represent at no charge.
  2. You will pick up your paper swatch book at Spicers Paper located at 14209 E 35th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011. You will then order your paper from that swatch book. Paper swatch book availability is first-come, first-serve basis.
  3. Binding techniques such as sewing, glue, tape, and wire are allowed as long as your fashion continues to abide by the 90% paper rule.
  4. Paper can be written on, printed on, painted on, dyed, manipulated, etc.
  5. Paper mache is permitted.
  6. LIMITED use of art papers and other materials which are not provided by our sponsors is acceptable. ART PAPERS AND OTHER MATERIALS MAY BE USED ON NO MORE THAN 10% OF OVERALL DESIGN. THIS WILL BE STRONGLY ENFORCED. Your team will be penalized if this is not followed.
  7. If your fashion(s) include(s) accessories (bags, hats, belts, etc.) they must follow the guidelines as well.
  8. Models will be required to ascend/descend stairs fully dressed.
  9. Teams can be single individuals or a team of people, but only two (2) tickets will be provided per team. If your team has more than two designers, additional tickets will need to be purchased, if more than two team members would like to attend the event.



1. Originality:

  • “Wow” factor
  • Unique concept/design/style
  • Unexpected elements or qualities * Please note that you will be disqualified for infringement of stealing another designer’s ideas. If you do use a specific inspiration, cite it in your design team inspiration and bio sheet (to be provided later). This is up to the discretion of the TOC - D Board and PFS Judges.

2. Creative complexity:

  • Follows material guidelines (i.e. no more than 10% non-supplied paper and materials, including binding materials)
  • High level of complexity/complicated detail
  • Challenging design and/or construction
  • High level of craftsmanship
  • Creation of texture/pattern/color

3. Haute Couture Fashion:

  • Wearability and resemblance of fabric
  • Trend-setting or fashionable design
  • Creative use of accessories

4. Technical attributes:

  • More than 90% of the design is comprised of paper supplied by Spicers Paper out of your chosen swatch book
  • NO MORE than 10% of the design is made of non-paper materials or art papers



Included in the team registration is:

  1. Two reserved tickets to the show with backstage access (additional team members will need to purchase tickets)
  2. High quality paper of your choice from Spicers Papers and the mills they carry
  3. Complimentary professional model (or you may provide your own)
  4. Complimentary hair and make up for your model
  5. Professional photograph of your fashion
  6. Access to private forum with other design teams that includes: important information and deadlines, plus tips and tricks from past designers. Teams can post questions for other designers as well as the Paper Fashion Show team.

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