2021 Salon Film Festival


2021 Salon Film Festival


Submission: 12.10.21 | Festival: 01.07.22

About the Event

The Salon Film Festival aims to share films from different cultures with our global audiences. We believe more passionate filmmakers can be connected through this amazing event.


Everyone engaged in filmmaking and would like to show his/her work to the international audience is welcomed to participate individually or as a group. The Salon Film Festival accepts any possi-bilities and cultural backgrounds. We respect all creators and fully value the originality and visual impacts.


Please submit your application via SubPro Studio’s Facebook page. You will need to fill the form choose your category, and upload your work.


  • All submitted films should be no longer than 15 mins, including opening and end-ing credits.
  • Please upload your film to Google Drive and send the link to us (minimum resolu-tion: 1080p)
  • Please upload a film poster (size: 68.6x101.4 cm) 4.4.Please include a paragraph of film introduction and a full staff list
  • Please provide the following information: film length, language, shooting locations, and completion date.
  • Submission with scripts is preferable


Entries Open: October 30
Submission Deadline: December 10
Nomination Announced: December 17
Film Festival: 2022 January 7


The Salon Festival features 3 film categories:
Independent Short film / Documentary Short Film / Video Art.
5 films will be nominated in every section, and 1 film in each will be awarded.
No filming style and method are limited. Along with the award certificate, awarded films will be screened during the Festival.

SubPro Studio + One Club Miami

Rules & Terms

  • The Festival may be canceled or rescheduled due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • Apart from elements provided by the Festival, submission must be your personal work. In case of breaching this rule, submission will be disqualified. Copying is strictly forbidden. Images, articles, and films submitted without copyrights or portrait rights obtained are prohibited. In case of infringement of copyrights, patent rights, and other rights after being reported, participants shall bear all legal responsibilities, and any award given will be dis-qualified.
  • Submission must not include content that violates public order and morality.
  • The Festival reserves the right to show your film at the times, dates and locations of our choos-ing with no limit of screening times.
  • By submitting, the Festival will utilize any personal data and details that you submit to us.

*Submission to the Festival constitutes agreement to all rules, regulations, and conditions.


Event Sponsors and partners

Address: 5900 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL 33166



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