Where Are All The Black People: Discussion


Where Are All The Black People: Discussion


Sept. 17, 2020

About the Event

In Miami, you often hear phrases like “Eso es una negrada”, “Ese trabajo es de negro,” "Vamos a hacerlo como los blancos”... without much thought. Even in a city where a Latin-empowered community of minorities is actually the majority population, being Afro Latino, Afro Caribbean, and Afro American has its challenges too. From day-to-day to building a career, systemic racial issues and cultural norms are being challenged and redefined.


ZOOM https://go.fiu.edu/92204094311

7:30PM EST



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Artwork by Marco Caridad


Jenny Perez

Pioneering Visual Artist

Jenny Perez is a culturally-influenced visual artist based out of Miami, Florida. With nearly a decade of experience, Perez’s projects include massive interior and exterior murals and mixed media prints. Jenny is one of the pioneering artists in the rise of Miami’s Wynwood Art District, playing a key part in the street art movement of the neighborhood and is quickly gaining her own international recognition in galleries and magazines worldwide.

Jackie Hernadez

Associate Connections Director at The Community

Jackie is an Associate Connections Director at Miami creative agency, The Community. She developed a strong multicultural expertise focusing on US Hispanic and LATAM markets, helping brands connect with consumers in a culturally and contextually relevant way. In her role at The community, she leads connection strategies for clients including Constellation brands, Mondelez brands, Sauza, Saucony, Google, Verizon Wireless, Kroger, Walmart, Ad Council, Oceana, Bank of the West, YouTube, and others.

Andrew Quarrie


Andrew Quarrie is a multifaceted creative. His marketing consultant career has involved projects spanning both regional companies throughout South Florida and multi-national brands. As the CEO/Founder of URBLANDIA, he has created an inclusive peer-to-peer online platform focused on solving the inequity issues within urban development. Through this initiative he created the Urbanism Summit in 2016; it is an annual conference and event series designed to cultivate sustainable ideas for building cities with an emphasis on people and the planet.

Rokeshia Ashley

CEO & Director of Ashley Research Associates

Dr. Rokeshia Renné Ashley will be the MC; she is the Director of Ashley Research Associates. Her goal is to uncover and deconstruct racial and cultural biases of health providers and professionals to improve patient health outcomes. Dr. Ashley is also a researcher and professor of communication at Florida International University. She examines perceptions of health communication and interactions between patients, providers, and other notable sources of health information to uncover culturally competent communication strategies.

Victor Ortega

Creative Director at Redline Media Group

Born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, Victor attended Graphic Communication Arts high school in Manhattan where he learned about printing, design, and photography. He went on to graduate from the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale with a BA in Computer Animation and worked for a production that designed sets for theme parks like Busch Gardens. In 2005, he started as a designer at Redline Media Group. 15 years later, he is the Creative Director with notable clients such as Hard Rock International, working on their latest projects like the 'Discover Your Rhythm' campaign and the commercial for the outstanding new Guitar Hotel.


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