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The 2020 killing of George Floyd brought the Black Lives Matter movement to the forefront like nothing before, and forced our industry to take a long hard look at what could be done to support its Black constituents.

As dialogue and action around improving race relations gained momentum, there was a concurrent rise in discrimination, hostility and violence against Asians, spurred on by the COVID-19 pandemic and racist attitudes regarding its source and spread. And while George Floyd's killing was a watershed moment for BLM, the March 2021 mass shootings of eight people, six of whom were Asian, pushed underreported incidents of anti-Asian hate and violence into the national spotlight. Today there are acts of violence escalating across all races, and we are taking a forceful stand to remind people that WE ARE ONE.


WE ARE ONE aims to rally creatives behind a message against racism and violence and to lend their considerable creative talents to the cause.

We are asking creatives to come up with a poster that communicates this message using the supplied template. Work will be showcased on our website and shared on our social media channels and possibly on outdoor billboards.


The target for these posters is anyone for whom a message of anti-hate would appeal. This includes those who are actively spreading messages of inclusion and solidarity themselves, as well as those who may just be becoming aware of the plights of underrepresented communities.


The One Club for Creativity will serve as a hub to share your unifying creations with the world through our website and social media accounts, reaching over 400,000 worldwide constituents. We are also giving the creative community the freedom to print them out and use them at demonstrations and rallies as well as in and around their own businesses.


The One Club for Creativity has a long track record of supporting creatives. We will be working with key partners to help spread the message and provide exposure to our initiative and bring it to the masses.

We are proud to partner with OUTFRONT Media, one of the largest outdoor media companies in the world. A select number of submissions will be featured on electronic billboards around the U.S. to raise awareness for the general public and to inspire others to play an active role in the fight against hate.


We come from different nations, cultures, and walks of life, but we have so much more in common with one another, and we all need to show support. WE ARE ONE.


Please send submissions to us by August 16. Our committee will then review the work and feature them on our social media accounts as well as the One Club website.


Work should be submitted as a PSD, AI, EPS, JPEG, or print-ready PDF. If submitting a working file, make sure to include any linked images and the font used or make sure all fonts are converted to outlines/pixels. Vector files are encouraged if possible so that we have flexibility on size.

We are also posting on social media so please provide files for Instagram and Instagram Stories.

File Specifications
1080px x 1080px
Instagram Story:
1080px x 1920px
We Are One Logo (EPS)
File Creation Templates (Ai,PSD,zipped)


As a voice in the global creative community, The One Club For Creativity strongly condemns the words and actions that have left our Asian and Pacific Islander friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, as well as people from all different races and backgrounds feeling less than welcome, less than safe and less than human. We condemn violence against the Black community and unfair tactics and policies that target them. We condemn the xenophobia that further marginalizes the LGBTQ+ community, the poor, and the elderly. And we condemn the people, the powers, and the platforms that seek to minimize and downplay the conversation. We are about bringing people together and finding common goals and solutions and sharing in our creativity without borders. WE ARE ONE.

Selection Commitee

We Are One Selection Commitee

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We Are One

We are calling for creativity to change the world
To rise up against hate
Against the growing divide that is separating us
Against the violence that is permeating our streets,
neighborhood, communities and lives

We are calling for creativity
To call attention to injustices and inequities
To bring awareness, advocacy
And to fuel change

We are a global creative community
Using our voices and our influence.
We are allies.
We are many coming together.
And we are stronger when
We are One.


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