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I am Ugly but I got the Hotty / Pfizer

Submitted By Ada Wong


Our submission is a viral online campaign designed to build interest in a Viagra press conference and, by extension, the virtues of the product itself following the release of the “Ideal Sex” survey which revealed that women got more sexual satisfaction from a hard erection than any other factors.

The campaign was rolled out in two phases
Phase 1
Photos and videos of an ugly guy and a hot girl were ‘leaked’ onto the Internet. This triggered discussion, anger, jealousy and hard feelings on local forums about how such an ugly guy could get such a great-looking girlfriend. Lots of spoof photos and new topics were created by internet users.
Phase 2
We created a Facebook fanpage inviting the Ugly Guy to reveal his secret. Finally the truth was revealed on 3 viral videos explaining that his ‘success’ was due to hard erections from taking Viagra.


To provoke interest in an upcoming Viagra press conference and greater interest in and understanding of the efficacy of the product.

Technical Challenge

The main challenge was ensuring that a genuinely viral effect would result from the original idea and that the effect would have a positive effect on achieving the intended goal. As it turned out, the campaign was a hit on the Hong Kong social networks and was even reported in magazines.
The campaign aroused the interest of active users and also hackers. So a major challenge was keeping the real identities of the ‘ugly’ guy and the ‘hot’ girl secret Fortunately the viral contagion spread rapidly in line with the goals of the campaign and even spilled over into the social networks in Mainland China.

I am Ugly but I got the Hotty





Grey Group Hong Kong




Health and Pharmaceutical Products


Account Executive

Dorothy Yung / Pearl Siu

Agency Producer

Joho Lo / Ying Ying Wong / Erica Cheng

Art Director

Keith Ho / Kym Ma / Henry Kwok

Creative Director

Keith Ho / Kym Ma / Henry Yim


Keith Ho / Kym Ma


Ying Ying Wong / Erica Cheng


Henry Yim / Jeff Tsang




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