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Ementicons / Mentos

Submitted By Laura Osborne


Mentos came to us at the end of 2014 asking us how we could use it to try and make their candy more shareable online.

Emoticons were having a resurgence online at the time and we saw Mentos candy as the perfect canvas to share fresh feelings that people hadn't been able to share before. Feelings that we've only started having in the last 5 years, such as being Selfie-Obsessed.

It was important to us to make ementicons culturally relevant by launching FOMO on NYE, Awkward on Valentines Day and Bad Happy on Friday 13th. And also created tactical social posts for the Oscars and Solar Eclipse last year.

We made a series of webisodes with college humour director Matthew Pollock introducing these characters to Mentos fans and the client loved them so much we followed up with some pre-roll films directed by Thomas Ormonde. (See all films on the URL link).


Mentos is a household brand in so many countries and they have 13 million fans on Facebook. But the candies are an analog product - they can only be shared person to person, physically. As our world becomes increasingly digital and increasingly global, we needed to find a way to turn this physical piece of candy into something our digitally-savvy teenage audience will connect with.

Technical Challenge

iOS8 had just introduced keyboard add-ons so we looked into how we could get these fresh feelings into people's phones. We created our own installable keyboard and helped advertise a start-up App called ULTRATEXT that let us feature the Ementicons.








Account Executive

Josephine Kiernan, Jonny Price

Agency Producer

Laura Graham

Art Director

Laura Osborne

Creative Director

Shelley Smoler, Raphael Basckin


Matthew Pollock, Thomas Ormonde


Genevieve Gauckler

Music & Sound

String & Tins

Production Company

Independent Films, Black Sheep Studios


Sarah Watson




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