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#PaletteForYourPalate - Expressions of Art and Tealeaves / Tealeaves

Submitted By Carolyn Khoo


In luxury, it's the details that matter. TEALEAVES blends its teas specifically for color, alongside aroma and taste, with understanding that "the first taste is with the eyes"—a philosophy often shared in the world of fine dining and plating, yet quite unique to TEALEAVES and tea. We created #PaletteForYourPalate to increase TEALEAVES’ awareness and relevance in the design world and to share this artistry in tea and our world of fine dining. To achieve this, we reached out to the PANTONE Color Institute to co-design the first ever retail-centric packaging of TEALEAVES’ Whole Leaf Pyramid collection. The stories, culture, and flavor profiles behind the blends determined what moods were most evocative of each one. Understanding the strong relationship that mood has with color, the PANTONE Color Institute voluntarily selected for us bespoke colors for the packaging of the blends.

To celebrate the launch, we reached out to 30+ world-class Culinary, Pastry & Mixology artists from 10+ cities across Canada and the USA--from The Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles and Mandarin Oriental, Miami, to Michelin 2-star awarded Executive Chef Shaun Hergatt from Juni in New York. With plate and glass as their canvas, and TEALEAVES as muse, these masters of their craft created a "feast for the eyes" inspired by the Tea + Color + Mood of TEALEAVES' newly launched Whole Leaf Pyramid Teabags.

In the collaborative spirit, all chefs, mixologists, and affiliated hotels and establishments donated 100% of their time as well as their venues and media channels, with many offering the creations on their menu for 1-2 months. All creations from the collaboration were curated into an online exhibition,, which includes 30+ cocktails, entrees and desserts, tasting notes and audio commentaries, 30+ downloadable recipes, 24 films, and a documentary trailer on color in design (full documentary to be released Spring/Summer 2016) -- all of which visitors could enjoy while enjoying a cup of TEALEAVES. The documentary includes such notable figures like OPI Co-Founder Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, former Nike Innovation Director Dave Schenone, Co-Founder of Enchroma Dr. Don McPherson, Herman Miller affiliated Creative Director Laura Guido-Clark, and researchers from Cornell and Brown University, who also all donated 100% of their time for the cause, as well.

#PaletteForYourPalate - Expressions of Art and Tealeaves










Account Executive

Carolyn Khoo

Agency Producer

Carolyn Khoo, Ezgi Emiroglu

Content Strategist

Carolyn Khoo


Chungwon Yang, Kimberley Yip, Larissa Albuquerque, Giulia Bonforte, Troy Blackmore, Nicola Sznajder


Kevin Cho


Kevin Cho, Trevor Komori, Liam Leyland, Additional support: Dale Darlington, Anastasia Walker, Ariana De Ryss, Jeffrey Qua


Christine Moulson

Information Architect

Chungwon Yang, Kimberley Yip, Elisa Dametto, Tom Bath, Dan Nanasi, Rachael Eckersley, Robyn Goodridge

Music & Sound



Joanne Goh

Production Company





Carolyn Khoo, Ivy Huang




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