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Max Stinson

Creative Director
Wieden + Kennedy

Max Stinson is a Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy Portland. His creative influence has touched some of advertising's most iconic brands including Nike, Dodge Chrysler, Old Spice, and Powerade.

Before joining Wieden+Kennedy, Max nurtured his love of art, writing, and design in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. His first stint in advertising was as at Chicago Creative Partnership. He was there for 5 years before moving on to Element 79 where he lead the creative on brands such as Gatorade and Tostitos.

In 2009, Max was joined the team at Wieden+Kennedy Portland. While he worked on a number of brands in those early years, perhaps his biggest impact was on Proctor & Gamble's Old Spice business. Through a series of campaigns, he helped turn the once dormant deodorant line into one of the most award winning and prominent brands in the market today.

Max's work has been consistently recognized at many of the industries top award shows including the One Show, Cannes, DA&D, AICP, and the Webby Awards.




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