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2020 has proven to be a year of seismic challenges, but also one of unique opportunities. And while face-to-face interactions remain in limbo for much of the world, we've become ever more resourceful in connecting with each other from all corners of the globe.

That's why The One Club for Creativity is thrilled to announce that we have transformed our annual end-of-the-year portfolio review into a live, virtual event, bringing together students, grads and juniors looking for advice on their books with creative directors and other industry experts looking to give that advice.

Not only will our December portfolio review feature live online interaction, we are also arranging our timetable to accommodate participants in various time zones; from Boston to Bangkok, from Berlin to Brisbane, this will truly be a global experience.

Let's end this crazy year on a high note, and prepare ourselves for a brighter 2021!


The Online Portfolio Review is a wonderful opportunity to altruistically provide guidance to young creatives looking to improve their books, as well as to hunt for fresh talent for your agency, whether in-person or remotely.

We offer two options for reviewers:

Single reviewers can secure their spot for $100.00 USD

For larger agencies looking to meet as many creatives as possible, you can secure three separate spots for reviewers for $250.00 USD



Let's face it: you've probably had more time to work on your book in 2020 than you were expecting. Now is the time to see how it stands up, where it can improve — and maybe land you an opportunity in the new year!

Registration for reviewees is FREE for One Club Members, and $10.00 USD for non-Members. Not yet a Member? Join today





NiRey Reynolds - Education Manager

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