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Many of us have daydreamed about things we’d like to create and paths we’d like our careers to take. But turning those ideas into reality? Now, that’s an art. It’s also a science. And if you play your cards right, work hard, think smart, and get a little bit lucky, bringing your ideas to life can also be a business.

30 students

30 ideas

5 challenges

5 days


The One Club for Creativity invites everyone who has seriously thought about transforming one of their ideas into a viable business to join us for the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Workshop, a brand-new program geared to help you flesh out your creative thoughts with substance. Over the course of five days, you’ll power through critical thinking exercises, hands-on ideation sessions, and real-world problem-solving, all in service of turning your lightbulb of an idea into a business-ready blueprint.

Taking place at The One Club for Creativity Gallery in New York City on July 11–13 and 19–20, this workshop brings together like-minded creative individuals for the mother of all brainstorms. Together, we’ll harness the lightning of those storms, using them to fuel a journey from germination to the all-important pitch, putting you in the best position possible to sell your VCs on your vision.

Event Info

New York City

July 11-13 and July 19-20

The One Club for Creativity

450 W 31st St, 6th Floor

New York, NY 10001




One Club Members $2,250
Non-members $2,500


Ross Chowles

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Workshop is taught by industry veteran and One Club Board of Directors member Ross Chowles. Ross spent 6 years at Y&R in Cape Town and Johannesburg, moving up from art director to creative director before thinking that he just might be able to start his own agency. He took that thought and made it into reality, co-founding The Jupiter Drawing Room, one of the most celebrated agencies in South Africa.

For 22 years, The Jupiter Drawing Room served as Ross’s classroom, his guidance bringing up a generation of creative talent as a new South Africa asserted itself on the world stage. Then, in 2016, Ross traded in this figurative classroom for a real one, moving to the US and becoming a Professor of Practice for Michigan State University’s Advertising + Public Relations department. Among his programs at MSU is a popular course on business entrepreneurship; this workshop is based in part on his experiences leading this course.

This workshop sets the principles of creative and entrepreneurial thinking in the context of human behavior, making the information useful and understandable

It’s largely about ideation: how to find, evaluate, build, and, most importantly, sell unique ideas for a new business venture.

Attendees will learn how to effectively find, fund, and build a team.


Thursday, July 11, 2024

Morning session

We start with introductions and investigate what entrepreneurship looks and feels like.

The emphasis is on a mindset. We also explore various types of innovation and opportunities for a venture.

Afternoon session

What is entrepreneurial thinking?

Friday, July 12, 2024

Morning session

Participants will present their idea to the room. The next step is to scrutinize the idea to test viability. This leads to the room building on your idea to improve it.

Afternoon session

Again, we pressure test the idea. Then we visualize the idea which helps in selling the idea to investors.

Saturday, July 13, 2024

Morning session

The morning kick-off with some more entrepreneurial attitudinal lectures, which are essential for driving your idea forward.

Afternoon session

This section covers consumer research and feedback of your idea. The next component will cover how to sell your idea, manifesting in a brief to make a Shark Tank style video.


During the days of 15th to 18th July, the instructor will offer hour-long zoom sessions to any of the participants to have a one-on-one session, analyzing their idea.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Morning session

Now we look at how to build a prototype of the chosen idea. (This is theoretical. We will not be making actual prototypes)

We also will start manifesting the idea. Meaning, we give it a name, logo, a look and feel. This helps bring your idea alive.

Afternoon session

Any venture without promotion will die. This session deals with marketing your idea to your chosen consumer.


Saturday, July 20, 2024

Morning session

Now we look at how to build a prototype of the chosen idea. (This is theoretical. We will not be making actual prototypes) We also will start manifesting the idea. Meaning, we give it a name, logo, a look and feel. This helps bring your idea alive

Lunch Session

Perfecting your pitch.

Afternoon session

The participants will pitch their ideas for feedback. The pitch session will be followed by awards and drinks, with the top 6 projects receiving certificates.

Course over.


The One Club for Creativity is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting and celebrating creatives around the world.

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Workshop is in-person at The One Club for Creativity HQ 5 full days from 9:30am-5:30pm on July 11th-13th + July 19th-20th.

  • Check In / Coffee: 9:30am-10am
  • Morning Break: 11:30am-11:45am
  • Lunch: 1pm-2pm
  • Afternoon Break: 3:30pm-3:45pm
  • Conclusion: 5:30pm

One Club Members $2250

Non Members $2500

This course will help you to not only generate great ideas but to transform them into a thorough business plan. You will learn the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and an employee mindset, as well as observing and understanding human behavior (consumer needs). This course will teach the processes of design thinking, ideation techniques, marketing, brand manifestation, selling the idea to others, as well as different approaches to business structure. In short, the course covers the entire start-up process so that you will complete the program with a ready-to-go proposal.

Bring your laptop and laptop charger.

Not finding your question above? Get in touch with us at workshop@oneclub.org.

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