Fireside Chat Speaker Series AI: friend or foe?

Fireside Chat Speaker Series AI: friend or foe?

Wednesday, June 14
9:30 AM MT

Join us in a virtual conversation exploring the impact of generative AI on the advertising industry. 

Like so many industries, the use of technology and generative AI is transforming advertising at a rapid pace. As artificial intelligence continues to improve, it will undoubtedly reform the industry in ways we never imagined. This rapid development has it's benefits and also raises concerns about the impact of AI on creative, and how brands will ultimately change the way they concept and deliver ads.

In this conversation, we will dive deep into the various ways in which AI is changing the industry, and the benefits it offers to brands and consumers alike. We will also examine the challenges and ethical considerations that come with the use of AI in advertising.


  • Moderator: Lisa Effress Managing Partner 11 Dollar Bill & President, One Club Denver
  • Christian Robins Co-Founder/CCO 11 Dollar Bill
  • Kyle Shannon Founder/CEO Storyvine
  • Susan Schwartz, Founder Get Music


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