The Business of Being Freelance: A Three-Day Workshop With Carolyn Bothwell

The Business of Being Freelance: A Three-Day Workshop With Carolyn Bothwell

May 4-6, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:30 pm



If the gig economy continues growing at its current rate, more than 50% of the US workforce will be part of it by 2027. Meaning? Creative talent is going freelance.

Join Carolyn Bothwell, founder of Freelance Founders, virtually for a three-part series on all-things freelance. Carolyn will guide us through three key topics to go freelance and grow your solo business.

Making the Leap
MAY 4th from 1pm - 2:30pm EDT

Introduction to Freelance

  • Defining freelance
  • How to determine if freelance is right for you
  • Statistics about the freelance industry

Business Foundations

  • Making a budget
  • Calculating your income goal (before taxes)
  • Budgeting for sick days, time off, admin time

Business Setup

  • Consulting legal and registering your business
  • Financing and accounting
  • Insurance
  • Networking, finding a mentor and a freelance network

Making It Work
MAY 5th from 1pm - 2:30pm EDT

Client Communication

  • Contracts, contract resources & onboarding your clients
  • Setting timelines and expectations
  • Presenting your work & receiving feedback
  • Handling those awkward client conversations


  • Your workspace & productivity
  • Outsourcing things outside your zone of genius
  • Project run sheet
  • Project Management & project management tools

Scaling Your Freelance Business
MAY 6th from 1pm - 2:30pm EDT

Promoting Yourself and Landing Clients

  • Finding your network and the importance of referrals
  • Getting your work noticed online
  • Social media

Pricing & Proposals

  • Industry averages - flat rates, hourly rates, day rates, retainers
  • What to include in a proposal

Legal, Taxes, Accounting, & Financial Health

  • What’s the difference between bookkeeping and accounting?
  • Anticipating your taxes and analyzing the success of your business

Staying Competitive

  • Investing in networking and community
  • Staying inspired and avoiding burnout
  • Diversifying your income streams










Carolyn Bothwell is the founder of Freelance Founders™, a digital, members-only community that empowers creative and marketing freelancers to build financially viable careers. She is a seasoned creative with a background in brand strategy and copywriting. She has had a successful career working alongside agencies like CAVU, Derris, Nike Communications, CASE Agency, and more. She has worked on the creative for brands like Living Proof, Sperry, TripAdvisor, and and Wayfair. With a distinct knack for merging storytelling with strategy, Carolyn has worked on the branding and launches of many emerging DTC brands.

Freelance Founders is a private network for independent creative entrepreneurs. Through their application-based monthly membership, Freelance Founders empower top-tier freelancers to connect, create, and scale their businesses.



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