Global Educators Summit

Global Educators Summit

August 4-5, 2022

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This year, we’re excited for the Educators Summit to be returning virtually. In years past, the Summit has been an opportunity for professors from all over the world to come together and attend workshops, panel discussions and make connections with each other. This year, we’re focusing on something that’s impacting educators across the country and globe: SHOWING UP.

Students in 2022 are more distracted than ever – and for good reason! A global pandemic, a tumultuous political climate and the prevalence of social media have all contributed to an epidemic of student disconnection. Engaging students, and preparing them for the fast-paced, rigorous world of advertising and marketing, has never been more challenging. That’s why we’re dedicating this year’s Educator’s Summit to addressing this issue head on.


On Day One, moderator will give attendees the opportunity to share their grievances with student disengagement – think of it as a “therapy session.” This day will be focused on listening and identifying the problems that so many are facing in the classroom.


Day Two will be about looking forward. A panel of industry experts will discuss the skills they look for when hiring recent graduates. Afterwards, the attendees will be invited to bring their heads together and propose solutions for how to approach the upcoming school year.

The Educators Summit has long been an important event for professors, but this year will be more essential than ever.

Please note that this event has changed location from New York City to virtual. 


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