Mid-Level Creative Boot Camp – Atlanta 2018

Mid-Level Creative Boot Camp – Atlanta 2018

April 18 – April 22, 2018

The One Club presents its first piloted boot camp for mid-level creatives hungry for professional development and looking to expand both their networks and their career horizons.

Whether you’re in the industry or hope to transition into it, you are next in line to assume senior level roles that will help forge the future paths of both agencies and clients. You’re at a critical point in your career. The way you perform now, the responsibilities you take on, and the choices you make are the keystones of your career.

If you’re looking to further develop yourself, your career, and to prepare to become a next leader of change, we welcome your participation in our Mid-Level creative training. 

This intensive workshop will help you become a better creative collaborator, a better boss, a more inspiring leader, and a more mindful director of your own career. Led by top creatives and industry leaders, in collaboration with Moxie, Verizon, the One Club network, General Assembly, Miami Ad School and the Atlanta AIGA, this 4-day workshop specifically tailored to the needed competencies of mid-level creatives.


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