December 3, 2019
7 PM

OFF|BASEL and The One Club for Creativity Miami are hosting a special preview night to celebrate art with artists from several countries, working from different disciplines, exhibiting great contemporary art in a curated setting. Panel followed by drinks, music, and of course, ART!

The OFF|BASEL project was created with the main purpose of giving artists not only the chance to exhibit their work, but also, to make it possible for artists to live, experience and feel the atmosphere of the most important art period in Miami, the ART BASEL week.
OFF|BASEL aims to bring to Miami's premier art week, artists seeking to expand their careers in the international market. An exhibition outside the circuit brings freedom to the artists, without restricted rules, with a longer period of exposure of their works, for very low investment with the support of professionals for guidance and possibilities for future representation.
The One Club for Creativity exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community who believe creativity is the most powerful element to business success. As a non-profit organization, the One Club for Creativity chapters around the world pour everything they make back into nurturing a more vibrant and inspired global creative community through ONE city. ONE community. ONE mission. ONE club.
In 2018, the Miami chapter was kicked off by Albena Petrus and the visual artist Marco Caridad Valera and continues to create premiere events and panels with the biggest advertising, marketing, and event agencies around like Zubi, Alma, Sapient, The Community, Nobox, Team Enterprises, Redline Media Group, Florida International University and Miami Ad School.
Miami is a hotbed for art specialists (gallery owners, art critics, curators, art auctions, cultural promoters) and artists of all trends with proposals to appreciate, promote, represent and establish new trends, discover new talents, and strengthen the careers of artists into the global art market. With this objective, we propose to establish an art space with diverse artistic disciples through a curatorial selection work and a museology that allows establishing an identity in the artistic exhibition.


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