WAATBP:  Diversity Conference & Career Fair

WAATBP: Diversity Conference & Career Fair

September 29 - September 30, 2021


Join The One Club for Creativity and our partners for WAATBP 2021, featuring panels, workshops, portfolio reviews and virtual recruiting on Tuesday, September 29th and Wednewsday, September 20th, 2021. New this year, WAATBP will feature a creative workshop for HBCU students and a virtual after party hosted by RNBHouseparty. 

Where Are All The Black People? (WAATBP) is The One Club For Creativity's annual diversity career fair and conference for advertising professionals and students of all levels. Returning virtually for its 11th exciting year, WAATBP brings together hundreds of individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

In 2020, the tenth anniversary of Where Are All The Black People took place in the midst of major upheaval. The COVID-19 pandemic ground the economy to a halt, isolated humanity from one another, and shone a spotlight on what it means to be "essential." The visible and visceral murder of George Floyd was the final straw in a decades-long battle against oppression and racism, prompting countless people to take to the streets — and corporate boardrooms — to demand justice and equity. And a particularly contentious national election threatened to not be won or lost at the ballot box.

Fast-forward to 2021: the election is over, Floyd's killer has been convicted, and a vaccine has allowed us to take tentative steps back into the world. But that world isn't the same one that existed before last year's reckoning. It's a world that has new avenues and obstacles to navigate, without losing sight of what brought us to this moment. And so the eleventh annual edition of the WAATP conference embraces this "new normal," once again going virtual to help advertising professionals and students of color the world over — as well as their allies — to find their place in this evolving industry. 



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