Creative Hall of Fame

Paula Green

(1927 - 2015)
Inducted: 2012

Paula Green is a pioneer among women in advertising, best known for writing the lyrics to the "Look for the Union Label" song for ILGWU and the Avis motto, "We Try Harder." She began her career working as a copywriter for Seventeen Magazine; after two years helping boost the young magazine's image and trying to change stereotypical perceptions of young women, she moved to the LC Gumbinner Agency. Then, noticing the work coming out of Doyle Dane Bernbach, she joined as a copywriter, where she was responsible for pivotal campaigns such as Avis, eventually becoming its first woman creative management supervisor. Having reached the highest position available to her there, she left to start her own agency, Green Dolmatch, partnering with Murray Dolmatch. After eight years, the agency became Paula Green Advertising, responsible for campaigns like "Goya Oh Boy-a!" for Goya foods in the 1980s. Her ad philosophy throughout her career? "We try harder—that's the story of my life."

To the right is a sampling of the work that made Paula famous beginning with the "Golden Age of Television" through the 1980s.




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