As a student, the creative process is intense. You will work with a team with students from other schools to develop and present a creative advertising campaign. You can expect to make new connections and walk away with new insights into creative advertising. Most importantly, you will work your imagination to the core. Check out our website to find out more information and get insights from past participants.

Breakfast and lunch will be served each day. We ask that each student bring anything they feel will assist them in taking full advantage of their creative abilities and to execute their campaign. Suggested items include a laptop, pen, pencil, paper, a digital camera/video recording device and a drawing pad.

You will spend most of your time indoors working on your campaign. Wear clothes that are comfortable. Jeans and T-shirts are fine; however, on presentation day, you should dress to impress the judges.

The Ground Rules: Ensure each member of your team receives equal time to voice their opinion. Show respect at all times, even when you disagree with their ideas.


The One Club welcomes you to participate as a mentor and/or judge during our award-winning Creative Boot Camp Chicago! This Inclusion & Diversity program offers students the unique opportunity to be exposed to the advertising creative process.

Top creative professionals, such as yourself, cultivates the student CBC experience as mentors and judges during this incredible 4-day workshop. As a mentor, for a minimum of 2 hours, you will share valuable knowledge and industry experience on any or all of the CBC days.

The final day of the boot camp is reserved for student campaign presentations. Judges are required to commit to a full day to evaluate and select winning teams.

Sponsoring Agency/Client

As a sponsoring agency or client, you are exposing future talent to the world of advertising and design. We work with you to produce a client brief for the campaign. You will have access to recruiting new talent for internships and open entry - level positions.

Full and partial sponsorships are available.

Creative Boot Camp - Post Event Expectations

CBC Alumni Network

The end of each boot camp is the beginning of opportunities! Winning teams have the opportunity to interview with the sponsoring agency or agencies. Attendees are also automatically invited to join the CBC Alumni Network. The CBC Alumni Network is a closed group only for Creative Boot Camp previous participants. CBC Alumni members are provided early access to information including agency job openings, internships, upcoming events and other exciting news.

An invitation is provided at the end of each boot camp for all students to participate. Alumni will receive a monthly One-ID newsletter and be invited to the private CBC Alumni Network LinkedIn group.

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