2016 HAATBP Speaker

Donnell Johnson

Copywriter/Creative Director, Freelance

Dojo is an early graduate from Miami Ad School. In his nearly 20-year career Dojo has created work both the ad industry and everyday people love - especially his mother.

As a junior freelance creative he was the original creator of Glaceau Vitaminwater’s humorous brand voice. His reward for being (as it’s owner told him) “a big part of their success” was to not receive any stock, while the company went on to sell for $4.4 billion. Which he’s not bitter about at all!

At various agencies, Dojo has helped co-create award winning campaigns for Burger King, Target, Sprite, Coke Zero, Geek Squad and Toyota – including the “Swagger Wagon” music video voted as one of the “Top Ads from the First 10 Years of YouTube.”

More than his personal accomplishments Dojo is proud to have served as a mentor to many of today’s top ad professionals, via as a Creative Director or teacher/lecturer at Miami Ad School, 72U, F.I.T., CU in Boulder, Adhouse and SVA.

Dojo calls himself that because people often mispronounce his easy-to-pronounce name. He also does not like when ad people do the whole “currently talking about myself in the third person” joke when writing their bios.

So, can we all agree to stop that?

Here are all the black people 2016

Thank you to everyone who made 2016's HAATBP such a success! See below to see anything you may have missed.

2016 Panels

Our Mission

We all win when we cultivate work environments where diversity of thought, experience, education, talent, and culture are encouraged to flourish. We win when we acknowledge that the best ideas are often born out of a team with diverse perspectives. When we work together to embrace diversity and create a culture for everyone to bring the best aspects of ourselves to work, we create a better company.

The One Club, along with our partners, champion this belief and each year we present "Here Are All The Black People" as a forum for the next generation of diverse creative professionals to showcase their creativity. These students, recent graduates, and transitioning professionals travel in force to this event demonstrating their desire to gain entry into our industry. Courageously, they present fresh ideas to the best agencies and creative leaders in the industry.

About the event

During this one-day event, participants have unprecendented opportunities to interview network, learn, interact with and gain invaluable knowledge from top creative professionals.

The One Club's Here Are All The Black People is our highly anticipated annual multicultural creative career fair. The one-day event provides multicultural students, recent graduates, and creative professionals who are interested in exploring careers in advertising and design the opportunity to showcase their talent to top agencies in the industry.

HAATBP was created after a panel discussion between advertising greats, Jimmy Smith and Jeff Goodby, as they discussed the lack of diversity in the creative departments in advertising agencies. At which time, Jeff asked, "Where Are All The Black People?" Jimmy, Jeff, and The One Club decided to answer the question and launched the event, "Here Are All The Black People." HAATBP provides real-world solutions to the lack of diversity in the advertising and design industry's creative departments.

During this one-day event, participants have unprecedented opportunities to interview, network, learn, interact with and gain invaluable knowledge from top creative professionals, as well as attend portfolio-building workshops, portfolio reviews, and participate in our popular live "elevator" pitch, which awards the winners with interviews with all of the sponsoring agencies. Many participants have walked away from the event with a second interview or a lead to an internship opportunity.

HAATBP is fully sponsored by agencies and companies looking to hire diverse creative talent. For sponsorship information, please contact Stefanie Smith at stefanie@oneclub.org.

2016 Speakers

Keith Cartwright

Executive Creative Director
BSSP, California

Charles Duncan Jr.

SVP, Director of Technology
Leo Burnett

Geoff Edwards

Creative Executive
Creative Artist Agency, Los Angeles

Melanie Eversley

Reporter, Breaking News, Civil Rights
USA TODAY New York Bureau

Obed Figueroa

Diversity and Inclusion Resident
AIGA, New York

Larry Gordon

Senior Art Director
360i, New York

Zorayma Guevara

Miami Ad School, New York

Lamar Hines

Senior Technology Director

Jonathan Jackson


Jayanta Jenkins

Global Group Director

Donnell Johnson

Copywriter/Creative Director, Freelance

Susie Nam

Chief Operating Officer
Droga5, New York

Kate Oppenheim

Partner / Executive Producer,
M ss ng P eces, New York

Mo Osunbor

Senior Creative

Samantha Primo

2015 LTP Winner & 2016 Live Talent Pitch Moderator

Pippa Seichrist

Cofounder, Head of Innovation & Development
Miami Ad School

Jimmy Smith

Chairman, CEO, and CCO,
Amusement Park Entertainment, Los Angeles

Jacinda Walker

Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force
AIGA, New York

Lewis Williams

Chief Creative Officer
Burrell Communications

Karina Wilsher

Partner, CEO
Anomaly, New York


8:15 - 9:00 AM

Coffee, Networking & Check-In

9:00 - 10:00 AM

Opening Remarks & Keynote

10:00 - 10:45 AM

Panel Discussion

10:45 - 12:45 PM

Portfolio Review Session 1

10:45 - 11:45 AM

Mentoring Session

11:45 - 12:45 PM

Speaker Presentation

12:45 - 1:30 PM


1:30 - 3:00 PM

Live Talent Pitch

3:00 - 5:00 PM

Portfolio Review Session 2

3:00 - 4:00 PM

Mentoring Session

4:00 - 5:00 PM

Speaker Presentation

5:15 - 6:00 PM

Panel Discussion

6:00 - 7:00 PM

Networking & Cocktail Hour

Keynote Speaker


Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey is an actress, comedian and video blogger based out of New York City who has over 200k subscribers on her two YouTube channels and 24 million page views. She and her videos have been featured on MTV, The New York Times, Essence.com and The BBC. Her viral hit “Sh*t White Girls Say...to Black Girls” was viewed over 5 million times in just 5 days, garnering coverage on MSNBC, ABC, Ebony Magazine, The Daily Mail and the Anderson Cooper talk show to name a few. She is also tackles race and pop culture on MTV’s weekly web series, Decoded. She was most recently a writer and contributor at The Nightly Show.

Panels & Sessions

When Advertising Matters

As an election year, we have witnessed the divide of our great nation by an increase of discriminatory behaviors that only serve to set America back again. As a communications and media driven industry that shapes worldviews and opinions, what responsibility do we have to address social issues surrounding race and religious discrimination, immigration laws, gender equality and trans-gender rights when they arise?

Susie Nam, Chief Operating Officer, Droga5
Karina Wilsher, CEO & Partner, Anomaly
Jimmy Smith, Founder and CCO, Amusement Park Entertainment
Pippa Seichrist, Cofounder, Director of Innovation & Development, Miami Ad School
Mike Lescarbeau, Chief Executive Officer, Carmichael Lynch

Melanie Eversley, Reporter, Breaking News, Civil Rights, USA TODAY New York Bureau

Where Technology Meets Creativity

The skills required to becoming a copywriter, art director or designer are pretty straightforward. But what does it take to become a digital creative? If you’re interested in apps or gaming or the Web, how do you turn that into a creative career? Find out from several creatives in the interactive field how they got their start and where the next frontier is in digital marketing and communications.

Lamar Hines, Senior Technology Director, R/GA
Husani Oakley, Chief Technology Officer, GoldBean
Kate Oppenheim, Executive Producer & Partner, m ss ng p eces
Charles Duncan Jr, SVP, Director of Technology, Leo Burnett

Jonathan Jackson, Co-Founder, Blavity

The College to Professional Walk

Feeling isolated? Need to know how to expand your network? Concerned about your next steps? College Juniors, Seniors and young professionals come to this workshop to hear how to ‘manage your professional walk.’ Listen to stories from our panel of professionals about their professional walk and gather skills to empower yourself during this journey.

Jacinda Walker, Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, AIGA
Stacey Sundar, Diversity & Inclusion Task Force, AIGA
Miles Anderson, IBM Design

Obed Figueroa, Diversity and Inclusion Resident, AIGA

Saturday Morning - Student Edition

All partners of the new Saturday Morning initiative will join us for an unprecedented conversation to help shift the perception of race and promote a greater understanding of one another. Join us for a unique mentoring session facilitated by advertising leaders brought together for change. Coupled with professional advice on how to build a strong portfolio, members of the Saturday Morning initiative will also guide students on how to navigate the industry while addressing social issues.

Jimmy Smith, Founder and CCO, Amusement Park Entertainment
Keith Cartwright, Executive Creative Director, BSSP
Geoff Edwards, Creative Executive, Creative Artist Agency
Jayanta Jenkins, Global Group Director, Twitter

Miami Ad School

Miami Ad School has long been one of the most sought after portfolio schools in the world. Hear from some of their top alumni as they discuss their journey into the industry. They will also have an exciting announcement to make that you will not want to miss!

Zorayma Guevara, Director, Miami Ad School New York
Donnell Johnson, Freelance, Creative Director
Larry Gordon Senior Art Director, 360i
Mo Osunbor, Senior Creative, JWT

Pippa Seichrist, Cofounder, Director of Innovation & Development, Miami Ad School

Mentoring Sessions

The Mentoring Sessions offer great opportunities for students to interact with creatives at the top of their career. These coveted sessions will consist of groups of 60 participants along with key creative professionals who will share advice on select topics. This is a rare opportunity to get invaluable support and insight into the advertising industry.

Live Talent Pitch

A uniquely fun opportunity for selected participants to give a 3-minute elevator pitch to top creative professionals and recruiters on why you should "Hire Me." The elevator pitch is open to people from a variety of creative disciplines - actors, artists, singers etc., are encouraged to participate. The more creative your pitch, the better!

Portfolio / One-on-One Reviews

The Portfolio / 1-on-1 Reviews are for attendees looking for specific portfolio feedback, or for more general career/mentoring advice. Reviewees will have the opportunity to sit for multiple mini-sessions with their choice of a range of industry professional reviewers. These face-to-face reviews are helpful in building a strong portfolio that will land you that coveted job.

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