Angela Iannarelli

Sagmeister & Walsh


Angela is an art director and graphic designer specializing in image-based concepts. She currently works at Sagmeister & Walsh as a graphic designer and has previously worked in brand strategy with Alina Wheeler, in web design at Sequence, and as a freelance graphic designer at Lippincott.

Her work has been featured in Computer Arts Magazine alongside Jessica Walsh and Stefan Sagmeister for their work on the fashion brand Milly. Her concepts for Milly have been featured in ads in Vogue and Elle Magazine. Currently, her design concept for the cover of the New York Times Magazine, under the art direction and creation of Sagmeister & Walsh, is on display at the Design Museum in London (March 28-Aug 12 2018). Her design contributions created for Sagmeister & Walsh’s online store Pins Won’t Save the World is also on display at the Design Museum Holon in Tel Aviv (June 6-Oct 20, 2018).

Angela injects her work with a healthy dose of humor; believing that taking things too seriously inhibits a deeper connection with the audience.


New York City, United States


Angela Iannarelli
Angela Iannarelli Client: Milly Title: Milly
Angela Iannarelli Client: The New York Times Magazine Title: Rock of Ages
Angela Iannarelli Client: The New York Times Magazine Title: Will Trump Swallow the G.O.P Whole?

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