Kristen Ablamsky



Copywriter, Comics buff, motown enthusiast, comedy junkie, and coffee lover.

An incredibly curious person, I favor wading through the murky waters of the concepting phase and boiling down big complicated ideas into fluid campaigns. I believe that everyone has a story and with the right words, anything can sound beautiful.

I am a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S. in Mass Communications/Creative Advertising.


Brooklyn, United States


Winner of the One Club's 2013 HAATBP Live Talent Pitch


Virgin Mobile Freefest, Skintimate, Tough Mudder, KimKim Sauce, Fruit66, HSBC
Kristen Ablamsky Client: Alamo BBQ Title: N/A
Kristen Ablamsky Client: Alamo BBQ Title: Messy Romance
Kristen Ablamsky Client: Oklahoma Tourism Title: Oklahoma
Kristen Ablamsky Client: CARITAS Title: CARITAS
Kristen Ablamsky Client: KIND Bars Title: KIND Bars
Kristen Ablamsky Client: KimKim Sauce Title: KimKim Sauce

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