Ian Vicknair


My name is Ian Vicknair,

I'm an artist who has the dream of making my imagination become a reality. I do this by using digital and mixed media to create fanciful art. Since childhood I have been creating art using pencil, photography and computers interchangeably. As my talents have grown, I have become to enjoy designing brands, other forms of graphic design and more. Creating digital art has also continued to be an interest of mine.

Growing up overseas in Africa, and Europe, my experiences from cultures influenced my vision with art. At the same time I spent summers home in Northern Minnesota in a log home on a lake as well as spending much of the summer at a Camp Wilderness with the Boy Scouts and being an Eagle Scout.

I have been using Photoshop in my art for the last eight years developing my skills with the program, constantly experimenting with new ideas to create original modern art. I attempt to take basic themes from nature, the people around me, and experiences and present them in untested and attractive ways to stimulate the viewer to think in new ways about the subject. I hope that you enjoy my art. Please your time to interact with the art. If you would like to contact me please email me.


Hudson, United States




One Eyeland Award / Publication
The Louvre Paris Exhibit
Eagle Scouts of America
Ad Fed of Central MN
Advanced Photoshop Magazine
The Illustrati


Boy Scouts of America
Ad Fed Central Minnesota
Runestone Museum
Ian Vicknair Client: Personal Title: Resiliance
Ian Vicknair Client: Desktopography Title: Exile

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