Kaliq Ray



My name is Kaliq Ray and I was born and raised in Miami, FL. I am a graphic designer and creative wanderer. As a child growing up, I would draw cartoons from the television shows I watched and hummed the tunes of the video games I played. Now as an adult (ahem… Kidult) I am inspired by everything I experience and learn. Life can be a great inspiration if you know where to look. Inspiration can be found in the food we eat to the people we meet. As far influential people, I am influenced by past designers such as Saul Bass, M.C. Esher and Milton Glaser etc.

However, I also love to get inspiration from present day illustrators and designers. Some designers I have had the pleasure of meeting are Spot Co’s Gale Anderson and Pentagram’s Michael Beirut. Design, for me is a lifestyle and everyday I discover a new way to live.


Miami, United States






Boxlife Magazine, DJ M-Squared, & Silent Revolution MIA, Pantheon Games, Elle Hair Spa
Kaliq Ray Client: Areas USA Title: Areas USA New Hires Training Video
Kaliq Ray Client: DJ M-Squared Title: DJ M-Squared EP

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