Cassidy Herrold


Award-winning designer & art director with a love of smart ideas and an eye for pixel perfection. I’ve worked with a variety of clients (from Fortune 100 companies to small start-ups) and although my skill set is extensive, my strengths include brand identity, interaction design, UI/UX, environmental design, photography, video, content creation and digital analytics.

Before I built brands, I created spaces and buildings (please request a resume for the full story). I believe great design is smart strategy meeting beautiful execution. I’m a passionate designer who truly enjoys the process of finding unique solutions to creative challenges and I’m interested in how design can solve complex social problems by becoming a catalyst for positive change. I believe that hard work pays off, the details make the design and that we create the reality in which we live. My inspiration — in my work and in life — comes from backpacking the Appalachian trail, ocean swims, old buildings, jumping off lakeside docks, music, photography, cooking, traveling and by always having a curious, open mind.


Atlanta, United States






Silver • CSM Interactive Screen • 2017 American Advertising Awards
Gold • Atlanta Symphony Orchestra • 2016 IABC Golden Flames
Gold • CSM Interactive Screen • 2016 IABC Golden Flames
Gold • NC Diabetes & Heart Disease • 2016 IABC Golden Flames
Silver • NC Diabetes & Heart Disease • 2016 US International Film & Video Festival
Bronze • Logo Design • 2016 American Advertising Awards


The Coca Cola Company
General Electric
CSM Bakery Solutions
Central Atlanta Progress
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Alston Construction
NC Diabetes & Heart Disease Prevention

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