Rebekka Dunlap


Rebekka Dunlap is a multi-disciplinary artist and prolific Illustrator living and working in the heart of Brooklyn. Her love of cartoons and sequential media have lead her down many roads, including illustrating the award winning Indie Game, Cibele, publishing surreal and psychological science fiction comics through the cult favorite of a publisher YOUTH IN DECLINE, creating concept art for leading studios and illustrating difficult topics ranging from mental health to politics for such publications as The New Yorker, The New York Times, TIME and Oprah Magazine. Though she's found her home in the graphic arts the idea of sticking to only one form of media for expression or seeing a wall between what is commercial, what is design and what is art has never suited her. Thus she pulls immensely from film, German hand crafts, animation, Otaku culture, feminist theory and her own experimentation to synthesize her works, and takes great pride is ever changing and developing as a creative.


Brooklyn, United States






IGF (Independent Games Festival) Nuovo Award 2016 - CIBELE


Nautilus, The New York Times, The New Yorker, Genentech, Oculus Story Studio, B-Reel, Hornet Inc., Buzzfeed, Oprah Magazine, Bloomberg, MIT Technology Review, Los Angeles Times, Hazlitt, The Brand New School, Real Woman Magazine, The Texas Observer, Cicada Magazine, Sierra Magazine, The New Republic, Institutional Investor, Motherboard, VICE Media LLC, Stardust Magazine, NATURE, Boom! Studios, The Stranger, Frederator Studios, Lucky Peach, Genome Magazine, Youth in Decline, Star Maid Games, MOKI, VELOUR: The Drag Magazine, LongReads, Jezebel, GIPHY, Bleacher Report, TIME, The Washington Post, SMODA El Pais, Scientific American, BUST Magazine,
Rebekka Dunlap Client: Real Woman Magazine Title: Accidental Activists
Rebekka Dunlap Client: Hazlitt Title: Murder on Union Hill Road
Rebekka Dunlap Client: Youth In Decline Title: Dream Tube
Rebekka Dunlap Client: The New Yorker Title: Harsh Realms
Rebekka Dunlap Client: VELOUR: The Drag Magazine Title: Glitter & Tears

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