Sophie Koko Gate

sophie koko gate


I am an animation director specialising in 2D digital animation and illustration.


London, United Kingdom




Nat Cohen Award RCA
Bronze Jabberwocky Award (Etiudia & Anima),
Shortlisted Best Student Animation (LSFF),
Semi Finalist Adobe Achievement Awards 2014


Google, Air Bnb, MTV, The Guardian, Ugg, Liberty, Harvard University, Vox, School of Life, Royal Society of Art, CBeebies, Discovery Channel
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Air Bnb Title: Air Bnb stories: Stephen
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Harvard University Title: Poetry of Perception
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Vox Title: What is Death?
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Personal Project Title: Half Wet
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Royal Society of the Arts Title: Jonathan Haidt on why we're convinced we're right ( and everyone else is wrong)
Sophie Koko Gate Client: Lena Dunham Title: Straight White Men

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