Spoken Silence / `Spoken Silence` Short Film

Submitted By Andreea Strachina


Spoken Silence Short Film
Written by Andreea Strachina
Directed by Andreea Strachina & Vlad Eftenie


Spoken Silence is a short film inspired by The Book of Answers, written by Carol Bolt.

The story behind Spoken Silence reveals a very common situation nowadays: the impossibility to connect with each other.

The short film follows Thomas, a man in his 30's, and Lily, a young call girl, after having a wild night with Lily and her roommate, Laura.

Thomas decides the next day to pay a visit to Lily, to talk about his recent feelings towards her. But she doesn't say anything. Instead, she gives him The Book of Answers.

Life is sometimes full of unknown answers. You just got to ask the right questions.

Thanks to:

Mihnea Ghildus / Thomas
Diana Marasoiu / Lily
Valentina Mihailescu / Laura
Romeo Zaharia / Middle aged man

Andreea Strachina / Screenwriter
Vlad Eftenie / Photography Director
Augustin Luca / Image Editor
Rares Cinteza / Art Director
Ion Cornescu / Image Assistant
Anca Macavei / Hair stylist
Valentina Mihailescu / Make-up artist

Ghildush Design System / Graphics
Andreea Strachina & Vlad Eftenie / Film Directors


`Spoken Silence` Short Film




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