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Advertising in this category is a sea of sameness, with smiling men and women in suits, charts and graphs astride overlong copy. Though Hartford funds were no less conservative in their marketing outlook than their competitors, the agency convinced them to run work that would break them from the pack and stand out. A limited budget made this all the more imperative.

The ads turned conventional fund advertising on its head. And our arresting visuals are more than just pretty faces; the currency featured in each ad represents the top holding of that respective fund.


In 2013, Hartford Mutual Funds took a big step away from its parent company, The Hartford. Seeking to differentiate itself from the legacy insurance side of the business, they set out to create their own identity and unique brand positioning.

Looking to build on the new brand positioning (and riding the strong global financial markets) Hartford Funds came to us with a simple proposition, “Make us known for our global expertise and products.”

They weren’t top of mind among their audience of financial advisors for those types of investments. Though they already had the fundamentals in place with a strong and diverse international and global product offering. What they needed was a simple, clear message that put a stake in the ground for their position in the global fund category.

In an industry where fund performance can be all that matters, our strategy was to simply remind financial advisors that smart investing is about the people behind the portfolio – their experience, insights, and expertise.

Technical Challenge

The click through rate is up 29% from last year, and overall engagement is up 24% compared to the previous year. With a click through rate of .18% it is handily beating category benchmarks of .05%. The clients are thrilled, and going forward, they’re more open than ever to bolder creative approaches.


The Hartford Funds


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Financial Services


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Francesca Sorrentino

Art Director

Carlos Perez

Creative Director

Barry Fiske, Alan Pafenbach, Jason Huber


Erika Decker


Amy Snelling, Anthony DiFranco




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