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What’s the best way to get your feet wet in advertising? Dive right in. AgencyDiver.ca is a fully responsive website that takes users on an exploratory journey to discover what an agency is, who makes up an agency, how they can find their place in an agency and what agencies are out there. Most importantly, the site lets users explore full-time employment and internship opportunities with ICA member agencies. A key feature of agencydiver.ca is the Agency Diver Questionnaire, which helps users discover career path options and features solicited advice and nuggets of wisdom from seasoned industry professionals. The more users explore the website, the more advice, job opportunities, and inspiration they get to make a deep dive into the communications industry.

Agency Diving Society launched on January 28th, 2015 in conjunction with FFWD Next Generation Day. To promote the new site Agency Diver Society Kits were handed out to attending students onsite. These included a Diver’s logbook, an Agency Diver Society embroidered badge, a collection of illustrated industry stickers and a diving themed postcard. But, to really celebrate the launch we hosted the Agency Diving Internship Challenge, which offered participating students a chance to be chosen for an internship, of any domain, at a top Toronto agency. To enter, participants were asked to embrace the AgencyDiver.ca spirit and socially share their Next Generation Experiences using #AgencyDiver.

During the website launch there were 624 social mentions. We received 434 tweets, 191 Instagram posts, and 50 email submissions for the Internship Contest.


The Institute of Communications Agencies (ICA), a not-for-profit association representing Canada’s advertising and communications agencies, aims to help members attract, develop and nurture the best possible talent. In August 2014, we were asked to brand, design and develop an online platform to educate, engage, and connect interested career seekers with the advertising and communications industry. This began the Agency Diving Society. The intent of the site was to make a positive impact on the industry by attracting and educating interested career seekers.

Technical Challenge

Agency Diving Society is a website targeted towards career seekers considering the communications industry, broken down into three specific groups: high school students who are looking for a way to make a splash in the world, college students and recent graduates interested in how to land a professional career in advertising and communications, and young professionals who are exploring the option of making a career change.

Though we understood the challenge of new career seekers to face the unknown, we were also familiar with the exhilarating moment that comes with taking the plunge. This exciting of “diving in” is what inspired Agency Diving Society. Users identify as the “diver” when using the microsite: the deeper you dive, the more you get out of it. Agencydiver.ca reassures users, motivating them to “dive” into the agency pool, to go ahead and get their feet wet.

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